Who we are

Having everyone in our multi cultural team heading in the same direction, with a clear set of expectations and behaviors, is key to building and maintaining a successful and service oriented organization: Corvus Group.

This is how we reach our level of consistent quality performance. Every day, Corvus Group’s team of dedicated professionals face the challenges of our business with creativity, which helps us to recognize untapped potential. We are committed to our clients that guide our decision making and define our values. We work as a team at all levels, acknowledging each team player’s contribution to the team’s success by their competence, preparation and determination.

What we do


An Air Cargo Marketplace

Reach.aero is an online platform and digital marketplace for the air cargo logistics industry.

Our goal is to support the daily work of air cargo logistic professionals with useful and reliable online tools to improve visibility of air cargo services and strengthen the global air cargo network.

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Blast-Ex – Jet-Blast Deflectors

So you don’t get blown away!

Blast-Ex provides customized jet-blast protection-fences for safekeeping of airport facilities, apron passage ways and other areas endangered by jet-blast.

Blast-Ex fences eliminate casualties and damage to equipment and structures and increase the arial utilization within the given boundaries of an airfield.

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Jennifer Näther

Secretary to the Management

Kamrul Khan

Business Development Manager

Malte Hinz

Quality Manager

Steven Raabe

Chief Executive Officer

Holger Näther

Chief Operations Officer

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